Matt Werner

Matt Werner

Fearless TEAMS

Sat. October 28 | 8:30 am

Matthew Werner, Special Warfare Combatant Crewman (SWCC), U.S. Navy (Ret.), enjoyed a multi-faceted career as a highly respected Naval Special Warfare (NSW) leader and operator otherwise known as the “SEAL Teams” for 25 years. As a trailblazer for his skillset and capability, Matthew earned the title and respect to be a senior leader at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) and offers more than a decade of senior executive leadership and management experience. As a selected and trusted senior operator, he has operated directly with the National Mission Force, the CIA, FBI, DEA and other special agencies both foreign and domestic. He has led some of the most sensitive missions throughout the globe some of which you have seen and others which have not been seen in the media.

Matthew is a born strategist with extensive background in team development.  He has a strong ability to solve complex problems within extremely high-pressure, uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous environments.  Assertive, decisive, and innovative, he is an Executive Coach known for expertise interpreting long-term vision and strategy, translating objectives into actionable plans, and providing coaching to individuals at all levels. Matthew demonstrates a talent for proactively identifying and resolving issues, reversing negative trends, controlling costs, maximizing productivity, and leading multi-million dollar projects increasing organizational efficiency and individual quality of life.

Highlights include: 

  • Senior leader and operator with NSW with over 20 global deployments conducting high-risk operations in 26 countries.
  • Senior leader and operator at NSWDG advancing Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for the NSW enterprise.  Advanced NSW capabilities using state-of-the-art technologies understanding the importance of leading with the private sector.
  • Lead selection, training and development at NSWDG providing exceptional experience and insight selecting the top 2% of the SEAL and SWCC community.

In addition to a diverse background and extensive history in tactical and strategic leadership, Matthew is a licensed Helicopter Pilot and USCG 100GT Captain, and is, like all EB Life and Fearless Leaders Group Coaches “FEARLESS”.

With his experience and extensive background, he brings real-world experience to our Leverage ’23 stage — his presentation is the sort you only see once in a lifetime!