Race Cars and Real Estate Agent Teams? Become As Efficient As An Auto Racing Crew

real estate agent teams

Real estate is all about teams. A real estate agent who tries to do the job without the support of a team will find themselves overworking and under-earning. One sport that highlights how powerful a team can be is auto racing. While you may not think there are many connections between race car driving and real estate, there are a few characteristics that all high-performing teams share regardless of the industry, sport, or game.

During an auto race, the pit team does several essential tasks to keep the car at maximum performance in under 20 seconds. The reason they are able to do this so quickly is that each team member is highly specialized in their area and focuses on just one thing. Together as a whole, they’re able to win races. They’ve mastered the concept of teamwork and efficiency, and they work together like a well-oiled machine. Here’s how you can take your team to race-car-level teamwork

Delegation Is Key For Real Estate Agent Teams

An auto racing pit team includes two tire changers, a gasman, tire carrier, utility man, jackman, and others. They’re able to complete a pit stop in 12 to 16 seconds or less time if all services aren’t needed. 

If one person on the pit team tried to prop up the car, change all four tires, refuel, and provide support to the driver, the pit stop would take multiple minutes instead of just a few seconds. The one person trying to perform the job would also likely get tired quickly because these jobs require strength and speed. Dividing up the jobs allows for efficiency and quality in service. Real estate agent teams should work the same way. 

Real estate agents will quickly get burned out trying to perform all the important tasks on their own. A real estate agent working alone will have to try to balance working with both buyers and sellers, scheduling, budgeting, and marketing. It’s essential to hire team members and delegate tasks. You’ll be able to perform all the necessary tasks more quickly and therefore close more deals, bringing in increasing amounts of revenue. 

Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

Not only does a pit crew delegate tasks, but each member of the team becomes highly specialized in their individual roles. This allows them to speed up the process even more. The team members practice every detail of their job, right down to the choreography of how they’ll move toward the car as it pulls up without getting in each other’s way. 

Even a task as simple as changing a tire gets split up into much smaller tasks. The main role of the tire changers is to remove the lug nuts on their assigned tires and then remove the worn-out tires from the vehicle. A different member of the team carries the new tire over and someone else places the new tire on the vehicle. The tire changer then puts the bolts and lug nuts back in place. Because this task is broken down into small tasks so much, each tiny step in the process can be practiced and perfected. 

Your real estate team should specialize in certain tasks, as well. If you don’t have an admin, you are one. If you don’t have separate buyers’ and sellers’ agents already, it’s time to start looking for people. The more you can divide up tasks, the more each team member will be able to perfect their role, and your team’s efficiency and profitability will increase. 

Unified by a Common Goal

In auto racing, it’s easy to see how everyone on a team is working toward the same goal — a win for their team and their driver. If the tire carrier was more concerned with being the highest-performing member of the team rather than getting the tire to the tire changer in time, then their speed might improve, but the team’s speed would likely decrease. No one would win. Every member of the team has to perform in their specific role to the best of their ability in order for the team to succeed at a higher level. When it’s time to hire new agents, it’s important to look for people as you build your team who are team players and who want their teammates to succeed. 

When a team is working toward success as a whole, everyone eventually ends up benefiting, earning more, and performing better than if they were only working toward their own success. You can use a project management system like Agile to make sure your team is always on the same page and working toward mutual goals. If you’re ready to lead your real estate team with the speed and efficiency of a race car pit crew, schedule an appointment for a free business consultation with a Workman Success Systems analyst. For more tools, resources, and expert tips and tricks on how to strengthen your real estate team, visit workmansucces.com.