Recruiting Real Estate Agents: Attracting Team Players

Before you can choose the best candidate out of all your applicants, you have to attract the applicants, and you don’t want to attract just anybody. You want to attract high-quality applicants to find someone who really might be your perfect new team member. You’ll save yourself tons of time and energy in the hiring process when your perfectly crafted job posting creates interest among the type of people that are perfect for your role. 

The key to building interest among those perfect candidates is to utilize the DISC behavior analysis tool when you write your job posting. When you use this tool, hiring will become a smoother process and your new hires will be a great fit for the role. 

Using DISC to Recruit Real Estate Agents

DISC is a behavior analysis tool used for understanding motivators, personality types, and communication styles in the workplace. DISC is an acronym that stands for dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. The assessment analyzes which of these categories are your strongest traits. 

There is not a preferred personality type in the DISC system. Each personality type has its strengths and weaknesses. The tool is mainly used for understanding how to work with and communicate with different types of individuals. Each type of personality will excel in some roles and struggle in others, which is why it’s such a helpful tool in determining which role is a good fit for various people. 

How to Use DISC in Writing Real Estate Job Descriptions

A well-written job description is one of your most valuable tools in helping you find the perfect pool of candidates for an open role on your team. Each role has different personality styles that are suited to the tasks in that position. When writing the job posting, look at the DISC traits that are best suited for that position. In the job description, list the traits that your ideal candidate has. This will cause people who are a good fit to be drawn to the job and people who aren’t a good fit will keep looking elsewhere. 

Ideal Personalities for Specific Roles

Listing Agents

The ideal listing agent is typically high in the “I” category. It’s not important where they fall in the other three categories, as long as they are high in the “I” category. The perfect candidate can be described with words like gregarious, sociable, persuasive, enthusiastic, and inspiring. All of these traits help listing agents make clients feel comfortable and excited while looking at a house. 

When you’re posting a job opening for a listing agent, be sure to include some of these words in your job description. Some people think they want to be a listing agent without realizing what will make them a good fit for the role. When you describe the perfect person for the role in the description, applicants will be able to self-identify if they feel like those words describe them. While someone who feels very introverted will see the perfect candidate described as sociable, and they may realize it would be better for them to find a different opening to apply for. 

Client Care Coordinator

A client care coordinator is also high in the “I” category, so you should use similar words to describe this candidate that you used in describing the perfect showing agent. In addition to being high in the “I” category, however, the client care coordinator should also be high in the “S” category and low in the “D” category. 

When describing your perfect candidate in your job posting, use words like patient, predictable, deliberate, and agreeable. These words describe people who are high in steadiness and low in dominance. These traits make someone perfect for being a role to support clients. 

Inside Sales Agents

The perfect personality for an inside sales agent is similar to the personality of the ideal client care coordinator. An inside sales agent should be low in the “D” category while being high in the “I” and “S” categories. Be sure to describe the job position as perfect for someone who is also deliberate, agreeable, persuasive, and enthusiastic. 


Some people think they can hire anyone to be a runner, but there are in fact certain personality types that will be best suited for this position. When you’re looking to add someone to the team who is able to run all the various tasks you need throughout the day, you’ll want someone who is low in the “D” category and in the mid-level in the “I” and “S” categories. This means this person should be deliberate, agreeable, steady, outgoing, and poised. Make these personality traits prominent when writing and promoting your job posting. 

Whatever role you’re looking to hire, you can use the DISC behavior analysis tool to write the perfect job description. For access to the DISC assessment, visit here. 

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