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Speakers that bring the goods.

A successful presentation is like a three-legged stool. If the content isn’t enlightening, it fails. If there are no actionable takeaways, it fails. If the delivery isn’t compelling, it fails. But when a speaker can deliver all three, now you’re solid. And lives can literally be changed.

Our Speakers

Verl Workman

Verl Workman, Founder/CEO

Verl Workman’s philosophy about professional training has always been, “If it’s not fun, I’m not going!” And he brings that contagious enthusiasm to every seminar, session, and event.

Rick Geha

Rick Geha

People commonly refer to Rick Geha as “The Freedom Pathfinder” — someone who has spent nearly three decades helping people worldwide discover and walk their path to personal freedom.

Terri Murphy

Terri Murphy

Terri Murphy has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CNBC News as a sales industry expert and is a regularly scheduled guest on ABC Network’s Live@9 for Women in Business.

Cleve Gaddis

Cleve Gaddis

As host of the “Call Cleve” Atlanta Real Estate Show on Talk Radio 640 WGST, Cleve Gaddis’ unique perspective on sales, marketing, and operations make him an in-demand speaker across the country.

"Thanks for keeping it real and sharing some clear perspective. A beacon of light amidst a cloud of confusion. You're an inspiration!"


How to make a million - the secret to a 7-figure income

Can you really earn a million dollars in commissions in today’s market? Learn inside secrets from the most successful real-estate agents and teams in the world, covering everything from lead generation and conversion to how to hire the right people at the right time.

For the love of leads. How to generate, capture and convert

In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn how to generate, track, and convert leads from multiple sources, free and paid. This session will teach you new strategies for generating and converting leads, including campaigns that dominate, and scripts that convert.

Become the Greatest Salesman in the World

Excerpts and practical application of the 10 scrolls from Og Mandino’s best-selling book The Greatest Salesman in the World. You’ll learn how to create a winning attitude and successful habits that help you master your time, convert leads, and up-level your business.