Teams: Never Stop Learning

Teams: Never Stop Learning


By Paul Wheeler


One of the most rewarding endeavors in life is continual learning. A lifetime of growth and momentum impacts not only you, but also the people on your team and the world around you.


The challenge is, most of us don’t know how to create the time, the structure and the motivation to accomplish this. Prioritization and time-blocking are key to adding anything new into your life and the lives of your team members. Every one of us has only 24 hours in each day. Our calendars already seem to be full and it feels like we have no time left to add anything else into our days.


What I have found, in most cases, is we have to eliminate something to add something new into our lives. Screen time comes to mind here, but if we really study our days, you’ll find a lot of wasted time, or at least things that are less productive or less of a priority. The challenge is that wasted time is easy and comfortable. Removing it requires a lot of motivation, which requires a lot of effort, unless you have a very strong reason or desire.


As always, a plan or a goal without a strong “why” behind it will never go anywhere. With anything that takes effort, your “why” has to be stronger than your “why not.” Besides the pure joy of learning new things, why do you want to become better? Who will it impact, and what does that look like and feel like when your goal is accomplished?


You and your team must decide what you can each eliminate from your day and where you can add your learning time, and what learning format is best for each of you. Each team member has different styles of learning and different times of the day when they are more receptive to new ideas or when they are more creative.


Whether you like to read, listen to books or podcasts, do Google research or go to conferences, choose a method customized for each team member, carve out the time and get it on your calendars. If you’re not a morning person, don’t do it in the morning. If you don’t like to read, try listening to books. I promise, a structured, more focused day and life is much more productive and rewarding than a chaotic day or life. Less is always more in the end.


Two of my favorite tools for making my days become growth-focused are my ideal weekly calendar and my daily planning and solitude. If you would like a copy of those, just email me at and I’ll send you a copy.


Here’s to becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly become.


Paul Wheeler started Accent Realtors® as a licensed agent and broker in 1992. Wheeler leads the Accent Team with energy, experience and vision for the future and a better business model in the real estate industry. He speaks to and teaches groups and organizations across the country on business and real estate-related topics. For more information, please visit

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