Using Your Team’s Strengths to Land More Listings


By Michael Harmon

In a listing appointment, we don’t get a second opportunity to make a great first impression. That’s especially true in the ultra-competitive team segment of real estate.

I really feel like the first step to a great listing appointment is to listen to the seller’s needs. I think this gives you an advantage. Have you ever thought of what a competing team may be doing? Let’s say that an agent for a competing team goes in and feels like they have to do most of the talking to impress the seller. Before we can really impress the seller, don’t we really have to listen and not make assumptions?

I love being the second or third agent to interview for the listing. This is a great opportunity, especially when the other agents print off comparables in a fancy brochure. Don’t get me wrong: Beautifully executed listing presentations are great—but opportunity lies in really getting to know the needs of the seller.


If you are having success as a buyer’s agent, then listening is something you are accustomed to. I think it’s important we use the same skills with sellers that make us great with buyers. Face-to-face experiences with buyers can be really useful on a listing appointment; they can demonstrate your true understanding of what the buyer is looking for. Don’t treat the listing appointment like it’s something different than what you or someone else on your team is already doing with buyers. These different pieces are all part of the same process for selling a home.

After discovering what’s most important to the seller, then it becomes crucial to know the product you’re selling inside and out. Instead of printing comparables, I do this research and studying at home. That way, I internalize the comparables, versus having to point to a piece of paper in front of them. Keep in mind most sellers have the same amount of information available to them, so personal preparation and really knowing what you’re selling are key.

Do you role-play prior to listing appointments? If you are able to, do it. Role-play with agents on your team, as well as with agents you don’t know. The skills you can improve role-playing are incredibly valuable, so please don’t overlook this. One thing I enjoy most about being a Workman Success Systems coach is being able to role-play with agents I have never met before, while also having my own coach moderate that role-play with valuable feedback.

Michael Harmon

Michael Harmon

Certified Coach
Michael Harmon is a coach with Workman Success Systems and a REALTOR®, associate broker and the managing director for The Harmon Team at RE/MAX Prestige. He’s spent nearly 20 years as a sales agent and manager within the real estate and insurance industries, and has extensive sales training and leadership skills, as well as a commitment to cultivating long-lasting client relationships.