4 Ways Top Real Estate Agents Schedule Their Time

4 Ways Top Real Estate Agents Schedule Their Time

You know you need to plan. You know it’s the only way to ensure that your time is being spent in the most profitable way possible. But there are just so many methods out there that you could implement for planning out your days. So which is best?

That’s not the right question. There are as many ways to plan your day as there are to build a successful business. Instead, you should focus more on the philosophy behind your planning than you should on the how. Choose whatever way makes the most sense to you and run with it — but run with it with your thoughts following the pattern that top real estate agents across the country are following. Here are four philosophies to adopt so you can become as successful as your real estate heroes.

They Don’t Do $20 An Hour Work

What’s your time worth?

No, really — how much money are you trading for time?

If you’re doing $20 an hour tasks, you’re telling everyone that that’s what your time is worth.

That’s time you could be spending on yourself. Or generating business that pays far in excess of $20. That’s time you could be spending on your family — and time you’re likely spending away from loved ones.

Think of the message that sends to those you love. Your time away from them is worth $20. You can do better than that.

Make your time valuable by spending it valuably.

They Leverage The Efforts Of Many

Leverage The Efforts Of Others

This is exactly why you really need to hire a real estate assistant. Whether virtual or in person, you need someone who can free up your time so you aren’t spending it on $20 an hour tasks.

Top agents run teams. While there are some solo acts that are doing large volumes, that rarely tells the whole story. To support continuous high-volume, any agent has to have a support team — there are only so many hours in a day.

Good business practices suggest systematizing anything you repeat more than three times. Hire well, train carefully, and leverage a team to create lasting success and become a top agent. More people get more done in less time.

They Have Personal Non-Negotiables

Boundaries are important. You just can’t spend all of your time working in real estate. Top agents plan their schedules around their non-negotiables — the things they won’t compromise for their business.

Some examples include family time, date nights, special events, spiritual time, recreation, and hobbies. It’s your time and your life — ultimately, you have to set up your own non-negotiables.

When you plan out your week, these are the things that get set into your schedule first. After they’ve been programmed, you can start slotting in everything else. This mindset ensures that the most important things in your life are seen to first.

They Use Their Business To Support Their Lifestyle

This all really boils down to a philosophy that you need to adopt to achieve true success: you don’t live to work, you work to live.

Your career and business needs to support your lifestyle — not the other way around.

As you plan and program your time, recognize the impact your business is having on your life. Is it positive? Does it support the life you want? Or is it dragging you down?

If your business is a burden, you’re running it incorrectly.

Work to live well.

Work To Live Well

There are as many ways to budget and plan your time and schedule as there are people in the world. Instead of focusing on the how, focus on the thinking behind your planning. Don’t cheapen your time. Leverage the efforts of a team. Set clear boundaries that prioritize what’s most important. Work to build a good life. If you plan your time based on these principles, you can’t lose.

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