What Are You Selling?


By Cleve Gaddis

“What are you selling to prospects?” is a question I enjoy asking groups around the country. The typical answer is “myself”; however, this mindset limits an agent’s ability to increase the size and profitability of their business.

Let’s discuss how to elevate client experiences and create work-life balance at the same time. When you sell yourself, you create an expectation with your clients that you will be personally involved in everything. This limits your ability to grow because there’s only one of you. More importantly, it limits your ability to take time off.

Instead of selling yourself, sell your systems. These systems are your product. They comprise everything you do to provide the highest level of service and produce the best results. These systems are called action plans or workflows. Creating them will set the stage for others to deliver the service on your behalf, which can be the key to increasing your business and your profitability.


If you don’t have action plans or workflows yet, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Write out your process, step by step, so others will easily understand it. Use the following columns in a spreadsheet:

  • Activity Type – Is it a phone call, email, text, to-do or in-person visit?
  • Sequence – What is the order of the activity?
  • Activity Description – A detailed description of the activity
  • Date/Days – The due date for this activity to be completed
  • From – If your ability to complete a task depends on the completion of another task, then list that activity here. For example, if you need feedback from a buyer before calling a seller, record that in the “From” column.
  • Assigned To – Who is to complete this activity? It’s helpful to list positions here and not specific people.
  • Notes/Scripts – Any additional notes regarding this step, including scripts to be used. Include phone calls, texts and emails. Notes should consist of anything you want the person completing the activity to know.

2. Write out how you will monitor the action plan or workflow. Will you regularly review a spreadsheet, or will you look up “incomplete” activities each Monday in your CRM? You must ensure compliance and get others back on track when they are behind.

The next time you meet with a seller or buyer prospect, ask yourself, “What am I selling?” If you’re selling yourself, make some course corrections and start selling the systems you use to deliver exceptional service and great results. You’ll enjoy transitioning from selling yourself to selling the method you use to create an elevated client experience and extraordinary results for your clients. Your process will become your product.


Let me leave you with one last tip: Name your system or product. If you don’t know what to call it, use your name. For example, call your listing marketing system “Cleve’s Way Listing Marketing Plan.” Nobody can provide your way but you. This will set you apart from the competition and help your prospects remember what makes you unique.

If you’d like a head start on creating your action plans or workflows, shoot me an email at Cleve@WorkmanSuccessSytems.com and I’ll send you a spreadsheet with sample action plans/workflows.

Cleve Gaddis

Cleve Gaddis

Master Coach
Cleve Gaddis is a master coach, speaker and trainer with Workman Success Systems. He works with some of America’s most profitable teams and specializes in helping family-owned brokerages and teams successfully navigate their unique challenges. Gaddis hosts the Your Move Atlanta weekly radio show on 640 AM, a Fox News station on iHeartRadio. He learned sales the hard way, by selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. To have Gaddis speak live to your company, team or group, connect with him at Cleve@WorkmanSuccessSystems.com.