What Does A Real Estate Coach Do?

What Does A Real Estate Coach Do

Real estate coaches are generally veterans of the industry: long-time agents and brokers who understand the needs and wants of novice real estate professionals. When you hire a real estate coach, you get personal consultancy and guidance from someone who knows what it takes to market a real estate business, generate qualified leads, begin and nurture relationships, and close deals. Some coaches specialize in helping with real estate marketing needs, like how to develop a paid advertising campaign and set up social media accounts. Others help with more general business structure needs, such as finding the right office space and how to save for retirement.

A real estate coach is a great investment if you want to add additional structure, inspiration, and wisdom to assist with your business growth. However, coaching does cost money, and requires a time commitment, but is well worth the investment. Real estate coaches challenge you to be your best by giving you new suggestions and plans to execute that may be out of your comfort zone. They may have you pursue goals you have either put off or are unsure of how to achieve. 

Our proven coaching system does involve giving a professional coach permission to assess every aspect of your life and business practices. This assessment may lead to large tasks and assignments that will assist with your business improvements, which can be intimidating. However, newcomers and top-earning agents have agreed that the increased business and, in some cases, the personal transformations they experienced, were well worth their investment.

Your coach will work with you directly, one-on-one, to identify the specific goals that you have for yourself and your business. Your coach will also stay with you to help implement these new skills, adapt to the ever-changing market, and achieve your goals.

You can also use your coach as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and as an accountability partner to keep you on track to achieve your goals. Your coach will allow you to get a step ahead while helping you navigate an ever-changing market. Verl Workman says it best, “in the greatest summit of your life, why wouldn’t you hire a guide to make the journey easier for you and guide you through a plan that you don’t have to create from scratch?”

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