There’s a stretch of ocean that was feared by sailors for years, not because of its violence but because of its calmness. Colloquially, it’s known as the doldrums, and it held an insidious danger: not much happened there.

Because of a perfect storm of meteorological conditions — or, really, a lack thereof — the area around the equator of the earth used to be seen by sailors as a danger to their ships, crew, and lives. One could learn to deal with a storm, but how does one deal with a lack of wind in their sails, favorable currents, or a loss of direction and momentum?

Food would run out. Crews would get cabin fever. Scurvy outbreaks became common. The doldrums were a danger that was hard to prepare well for. Inactivity and inaction became dual wielders of death’s scythe.

All sailors could do was wait on the wind.

Is this sounding familiar yet?

How many agents do you know right now that are stuck in the doldrums? Who do you know that’s just waiting for some favorable change to come along?

The good news is that we aren’t the sailors of old. We have more resources and options at our disposal. Here are three tips to consider to get you and your real estate team a shot of morale — and a one-way ticket out of the doldrums.

Meet Regularly

If you’re truly an individual agent, you’ll need to adapt this advice a bit. That said, if you have an admin, someone keeping you accountable to your goals, a mentor — whoever — the same advice applies to you.

Meet with your team. Do it as often as possible — daily is ideal. Use the time wisely, but take the time. Share numbers. Share goals. Keep each other accountable. Role play. Make action plans and follow through with them. Whatever you do, get together.

The benefits of regular (and effective) meetings are manifold. The one to focus on in this context is bearing the heavy burden of the doldrums as a group. Get one another hyped. Build momentum by getting together every day. Build excitement by making a big deal about your business, your efforts, and your goals.

Actually Celebrate Wins

Which leads to the second tip to give your team a shot of morale: actually celebrate wins. If your team is in the doldrums, there’s no better time to recognize effort, goals met, and wins by calling them out and making a big deal about them. Get the whole team involved. Ride the wave of success out of the doldrums.

Then, make more waves. Now is not the time to be subtle about the importance of closing a deal or hustling. Reward those who are actively bringing your team out of the doldrums and more of your team will follow suit.

Latch on to the good during your time in the doldrums. It’s your fastest and surest way out.

Plan For The Future

Part of getting out of the doldrums is knowing where you’re headed. Let your goals and habits guide your team out of its funk.

That means now is a great time to prepare for better waters. Start planning your next moves and plan broadly — what will you do if the market stays down? How can you combat it? Are you actually prepared for an up market? Is your business able to roll with the punches?

Start making plans now and then act on them right away. Action is what gets you out of the doldrums — the plans just help you define where you want to go.

The worst thing you can do once you’re in the doldrums is wait for the wind. Don’t stall out because the market is down. Meet with your team regularly, celebrate the good things that are happening, and make a plan for where you want to go.

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