How Workman Success Systems Tripled Cyndy Silva’s Business With A Tailored Approach

“My coach was able to work with me to create a system that worked with my time, my family, and my kids’ sports. I learned how to utilize the time when I wasn’t working to still promote my business.”

Case Study

Cyndy Silva . without losing time for her family.

Workman Success’ tailored approach to business coaching allowed Cyndy to grow her business without having to sacrifice the lifestyle she wanted.

Cyndy Silva had been working as a real estate agent for years and, at $150K annual income, was doing well. There was only one issue: she was burning out.

Cyndy was working seven days a week, leading her to experience a sort of patterned meltdown by the end of the calendar year.

“I was in a very bad pattern. I’d work my butt off and by the end of the year, I’d crash. I’d never do work in December.”

Feeling like she was losing family time and knowing something had to give, Cyndy went looking for guidance.

“My kids and my family come first — it’s why I first got into real estate — so I really needed someone to work with me who could work with my hectic life.”

Through a friend, Cyndy was introduced to Workman Success Systems and its unique, personalized approach to coaching.

“I actually interviewed with a lot of different coaching companies, and I’d done other coaching and courses where they tell you to buy a certain book and do it a certain way — but there are no alternate ways. What drew me to Workman was that they work with you to create a system that works for your business. That was the biggest thing I needed to have.”


Cyndy’s Results Are Beyond Her .

Cyndy’s coach helped her design systems, adopt processes, and hire the right help to create a solution that would not only give her time with family back, but also grow her business.

“I’d never thought of starting a team before. I was on a team for a very long time and it was just finally time to expand on my own, and I didn’t really know how to do it. Starting a team wasn’t the reason I joined Workman, but my coach helped me see how beneficial it would be and quickly developed me into a team.”

“When I started coaching with Workman, I was producing about $150K. Each of the last two years, I’ve made more than half a million.”

Cyndy tripled her personal income.

150K - 500K+

She went from working alone to building and running a team of seven people.
Cyndy went from working seven days a week to having every weekend free. She hasn’t done an open house in over a year.
From the Client
“I would never have fathomed the growth my coach has given to my company. My coach understands me and helps me grow in the way I need to — not just like everyone else.”
Workman Success Triangles
Cyndy Silva
Team Leader
Cyndy Silva Realty Group

Cyndy Got Her .

I have every weekend free. I’ve been able to replace that time with systems and strategies that make up the difference, allowing me to have my weekends with my children. I’ve been able to free myself into much more enjoyable ways of getting leads.”

With More Income Than She Ever Dreamed. . .

“When I started in real estate, I never dreamed of the money I’m making today. It’s more than I ever expected. It’s to the point now where my husband has been able to quit his job and works for me.”

Without Sacrificing Her Priorities

“I’ve been doing real estate a long time. I didn’t want a coach who would tell me to go door-knocking or cold calling. I don’t like doing those things, and I don’t like having them done to me. Having a coach who listens to me and takes the time to make a system that works for me and the way I want to do business is incredible.”

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Come see for yourself — Cyndy’s results are typical of clients who apply the systems, processes, and behaviors their coaches identify as missing from their business.

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