From Solo Success To Business Owner: How Patty Speakman Created Control With Workman Success Systems

Did You Know?

American real estate professionals chiefly started or joined a team to provide better service to clients (59%), to gain more income (58%), and to work with others (53%).

Case Study

Utilizing the systems, processes, and practices of Workman Success Systems, Patty Speakman went from a highly successful — but heavily overworked — solo agent to a . who prioritizes work-life balance.

Here’s how Patty did it:

Despite a successful solo career and an income of over $200K per year, Patty knew she was leaving money on the table because she couldn’t keep up with her ever-increasing workload.

“I wasn’t able to keep up with my workload. I was working nonstop and really didn’t have a life. I really wasn’t able to do anything with my family. I wasn’t able to service my clients or take on new clients the way I wanted to.”

Patty knew she needed to change something, but wasn’t sure what. Then, she found Workman Success Systems.

“I attended a conference where Verl was speaking. At the end of the conference, he talked about teams and it just felt right to me. I thought, ‘Yes, I’m all in, that’s just what I need.’”

Patty signed up with a Workman coach right away. After a few growing pains where she had to learn to relinquish control and trust in her new team, she found that the team model suited her needs incredibly well.

“I started out still holding on to transaction, because that’s just what you do. In time, I started giving them to my buyers and working with my sellers more, and that was working out wonderfully. Suddenly, I wasn’t just working nonstop — I actually started to get some sleep!”


Patty Regained Control Of Her Life And .

“It was a night and day difference. The biggest regret I have in my life is that when my kids were little, we went to Disneyland, and I was on my phone nonstop. And once I got the team going, I don’t have to answer my phone during those times because I have my team taking care of that.”

Patty went from $200K in income to over $1 Million.
She went from working seven days a week and never being able to take regular vacations, to maintaining a regular, balanced schedule and having the freedom to take trips with her family.
From the Client
Patty Speakman
“I’ve got more time, more money — I mean, what more can you ask for?”
Workman Success Triangles
Patty Speakman
Associate Broker & Team Leader Speakman Realty Group

Patty Got Her .

“It’s freed up me being able to just relax and actually have a vacation, so I can enjoy some time with my family and not always constantly deal with stress.”

Increased Her Ability To Serve Her Clients. . .

“I was doing well as a solo agent, but I wasn’t able to keep up with my workload.”

And Loves What She Does

“It’s just been night and day for me. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love what I do. It all brings me great joy.”

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Come see for yourself — Patty’s results are typical of clients who apply the systems, processes, and behaviors their coaches identify as missing from their business.

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