How to Hire a Real Estate Assistant or Client Care Coordinator

how to hire a real estate assistant

If you’re ready to start building a team, you might be wondering how to hire a real estate assistant or client care coordinator. Every team needs a client care coordinator. A client care coordinator can also be called admin, transaction coordinator, or assistant, but they do far more than the title “assistant” implies.  This role…

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Tenants Struggling to Pay Rent Receive Support from an Unlikely Place

tenants struggling to pay rent receive support from an unlikely place

In 2019, the government ordered a stay-at-home initiative for Covid-19, leaving homeowners and tenants with a heavy burden on their shoulders as a majority of them struggled to come up with mortgage and rent payments while not working. Since then,  there have been many efforts to help people who can’t afford to stay in their…

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4 Simple Ways to Earn More and Work Less

how to earn more and work less as a real estate agent

Real estate professionals are hard workers — often working so hard on maintaining a business that other important areas of their lives get neglected. Many of us are motivated people, but we don’t have the tools that allow us to slow down and spend time on our hobbies or with our loved ones. Of course,…

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3 Ways to Increase Your Team’s Happiness and Profitability

3 ways to increase your team's happiness and profitability

Too many real estate professionals believe happiness and profitability are at odds with each other. If you believe you have to sacrifice happiness in order to achieve profitability or that taking time to pursue happiness gets in the way of achieving maximum profitability, think again! A recent WSS webinar, hosted by WSS Master Coach Mike…

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Do Multi-Family Units Really Bring Down Resale Value?

Flash Briefing banner

Many say apartment complexes bring several complications to their surrounding neighborhood, but is it really true that building multi-family units actually creates more harm than good, or does multi-family housing just get a bad reputation? MYTH #1: Higher Crime Rates A study conducted by the Arizona Multifamily Housing Association concluded that there is only a…

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Real Estate Marketing Emails: The Dos and Don’ts

Real Estate Marketing Emails

As a real estate professional, do you struggle with converting internet leads? Many agents are used to working with referrals or directly with people we know instead of working internet leads. But 44 percent of people start their real estate search online. If you’re not working your digital leads, you’re leaving money on the table.…

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How to Step Up Your Follow-up Real Estate Marketing Strategy

If you’ve got lead generation down to a science, but you’re not closing the number of deals you’d like, you probably need to work on your follow-up marketing. Follow-up marketing in real estate can be difficult to perfect, but learning to do it effectively will make all the difference in increasing the number of transactions…

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Real Stories of Real Estate Coaching: RE/MAX-Award-Winner David Wiesemann

  Workman Success Systems senior coach David Wiesemann received an unexpected shoutout one Friday morning on a routine coaching call with the rest of Workman’s coaches. A fellow coach shared the news that David had won an award, and immediately the chat exploded with praise.  “Congratulations to David!”  “Broker/Owner of the Year!”  Slightly taken aback,…

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