Empathy: The Key to Building Successful Relationships

Empathy and Building Relationships

Steve, an agent in Colorado, is always looking for the newest shiny object to take his real estate career to the next level! You see, Steve always thought he could build his business by staying on the cutting edge of technology. High-tech tools are important, but quite often the tool overshadows what’s even more important. Drip campaigns from your CRM and online home valuation tools are flashy and can certainly help you maintain relationships, but I suggest you think twice before depending on anything high-tech to create long-lasting relationships with clients. Empathy is more important than high-tech tools.

When Steve and his wife decided to sell their home, the process for preparing the home for sale and coordinating the marketing and showings was overwhelming. He couldn’t believe how many negative emotions he felt during the process. These negative emotions made him genuinely feel the discomfort of his clients — past and present. He was embarrassed that he hadn’t fully comprehended just how much stress is involved in selling a home. Steve’s newfound understanding of what his clients had been thinking and feeling turned out to be the most important tool in his business arsenal. 

When he went on his next listing appointment, it went much differently than the listing appointments of the past. This time, he could truly understand how his clients were feeling. He knew they had concerns and were worried about the process of selling. He asked questions and then addressed each worry so he could relieve the sellers of the burdens.

While driving home from the listing appointment, Steve couldn’t help but feel like he had found the secret to success in real estate: genuinely care about others and their unique situation. He now understood the power of empathy in his business. Could it be that it was really that simple? 

Over the next 12 months, Steve doubled his commission earnings from the prior year using his new-found empathy. He has even enjoyed being a real estate agent more than ever before since he decided to be more emotionally invested. He couldn’t believe it, but focusing solely on others had made him a happier person, which even translated into more personal satisfaction with himself and his family. Steve had become more whole and complete thanks to his decision to serve his clients.

If you are having problems converting prospects to clients, ask yourself, “What is my motivation?” Are you trying to only generate a commission, or are you genuinely trying to help someone who needs it — and are you helping them in the way they want to be helped? If you change your thinking to be more like Steve, you are most certainly going to be more successful.

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