If you’re a real estate professional and don’t belong to the National Association of Realtors, you’re missing out on some pretty impressive benefits. If you already belong to NAR, ensure you’re getting your money’s worth—there are a lot of cool perks to being a part of NAR that you might not be taking advantage of.

Belonging to NAR lends a lot of credibility to Realtors. Their code of ethics has become the standard for real estate professionals. Beyond that, NAR provides its Realtors with resources and benefits that make their jobs easier, their lives better, and their businesses more profitable—if they use them. Here’s a roundup of five of the best NAR perks that you should start using right now.

Perk #1: Discounts on Products and Services

An example of the kinds of discounts you get as a NAR perk.

Among the many perks of being a Realtor, NAR offers its members discounts on products and services through its partnerships with several national brands. These can be found on NAR’s website through its Realtor Benefits Program Partners page.

This is no small discount program. From electronics for your office or home to travel packages through the NAR Travel Club, you can easily find something you’re already planning on buying this year in NAR’s discount program. There are even discounts available for marketing services, education, and personal insurance. If you haven’t taken advantage of any of these deals recently, go check out what NAR’s website has to offer. You never know what need might be met for cheaper just because you’re a Realtor.

Perk #2: Free Marketing and Advertising

While there are some great discounts on marketing services through a few of NAR’s partners, NAR took the idea to the next level: they provide free marketing and advertising materials to their members. NAR’s That’s Who We R campaign allows you to personalize various marketing and social media assets for your business and use them at no additional charge. Keeping things fresh for marketing and advertising can be a full-time job. Use these NAR resources to liven up your social feeds and marketing campaigns without resorting to spending extra cash on new assets.

Perk #3: Research and Statistics

One of the coolest NAR perks that you should be utilizing is their research and statistics resources. NAR is constantly conducting research and compiling stats on the market. You can access their research and statistics on NAR’s website. While this appears to be one of their most-accessed resources, I think it’s important to note it here because if you aren’t following their research and stats, your competitors probably are. Brush up, see what they have to offer, and become the market expert your clients need you to be.

Perk #4: Education Benefits

Speaking of becoming the expert your clients need, how’s your continuing education going? While the requirements differ from state to state, no matter where you live, you’re going to need to keep up on your real estate knowledge to keep your license. Being a part of NAR helps with that, too: NAR’s education portal offers discounts on various programs, valuable designations and certifications, virtual and self-study courses, a robust series of webinars, and more—there’s a lot to unpack on NAR’s education portal.

It’s hard to stay an expert in a field that’s as ever-changing as real estate. Continuing your education is about more than keeping your license or even just being up-to-date—it’s about knowing more than your competition does so you can serve your market and clientele better than they can. There’s always more to learn. The good news is that belonging to NAR gives you access to a lot of ways to do it.

Perk #5: Content Resources

Building an audience can be an important part of your real estate business. Social media, blogs, emails, and other avenues can help you generate and nurture leads in new and exciting ways. Developing content that helps you convert or market can be tricky unless you have a team dedicated to doing so. There are likely dozens of paid avenues for content generation, but NAR has a few free resources that you should really check out.

From infographics to a full content suite made specifically for Realtors, NAR wants to help you succeed online and convert more of your audience into clients. If you don’t have some sort of online presence, it isn’t too late to get started. Check out NAR’s content resource to give you a leg up on those who aren’t taking advantage of it.

Don’t leave money on the table; NAR’s resources are available to you so long as you belong to their organization. You’re already paying to be there, so take advantage of what they have to offer. Use what serves your business best and leave the rest behind, but don’t sleep on NAR’s better perks—there are some real nuggets on their site.

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