Houston realtor and broker Lindsey Vaughn boasts over two decades of experience in the real estate industry, specializing in residential and commercial properties. Despite her extensive knowledge, Lindsey faced a significant challenge — she was tirelessly working over 90 hours a week without a clear understanding of her business’s success.

“I was basically running a one-man show, and there’s only so many hours you can work during the day,” explained Lindsey. “I wasn’t spending any time with my family; I was just running ragged. Yes, I was selling real estate, but I had no life. And I really wanted my life back.”

While Lindsey was trying to sell real estate at a high level — and take her services to the next level – she struggled in trying to do everything herself, without any processes in place. “I didn’t have any system to help me figure out if I was doing everything correctly,” said Lindsey. “I was doing a lot but was I successful?”

Lindsey wasn’t the only one who was frustrated, as her family and employees also were unhappy with how work was going at Team Vaughn.

Moments of Clarity

While attending Workman Success System’s Leverage event, Lindsey found herself in the hot seat, being questioned by founder Verl Workman who threw question after question at her about her business, which she couldn’t answer. The realization that she couldn’t discuss her success made her realize how substantial her problems were.

“When Verl finally asked me how my kids were, how my husband was, how’s your life going, I realized I wasn’t doing well in any of these areas,” said Lindsey. “I knew I had to make a change.”

This clarity was intensified when Verl asked Lindsey if she knew she was running a charity daycare. “At that moment, I realized I had a bunch of agents who weren’t doing any production because we didn’t have any processes,” said Lindsey. “The reality was I worked my tail off so I could pay for everybody else to basically come to the office and drink coffee. But nobody was really doing any business because there were no systems in place.”

It All Starts With Tracking

To figure out where her business truly stood and create systems that would work, Lindsey had to commit to daily tracking of defined elements of her brokerage. She started tracking her income, so she could determine what the “normal” level of income was for the business, followed by expenses and all outgoing spending. Next came tracking leads so she’d have a clear vision of where their leads were, who they were, and where in the buying or selling process they were.

It was through the Workman ABCs of Lead Management program, a proven system that quantifies each lead to ensure none ever slip through the cracks, that Lindsey discovered a fundamental issue. “When we implemented the ABC system, we realized that our team didn’t have a lead problem but a lead follow-up problem.”

As part of the ABC program, Lindsey instituted an intentional system to be followed by all members of her team from a morning huddle to role-playing potential client situations to spending an hour together each day making calls so they could learn from each other. Her team has gone from having no systems to being very systematic when it comes to lead follow-up.

Lindsey is a confirmed convert to the benefits of tracking leads and other elements of a real estate business. “Tracking is like a diet – if you don’t track those extra French fries at the bottom of the bag, how will you know how many calories you actually ate during the day?”

Transformative Results

Her commitment to tracking and her new systems led to a remarkable difference in her business. “In April, our team did three transactions and in May, we did five transactions. Every month since then, we have done 12+ transactions,” said Lindsey. “Before Workman, my best year in real estate was having 52 transactions in one year. In just an eight-month period, we’re already sitting at 68 transactions. So, I know our systems are working.”

Not only is her business flourishing, but the time she has gained with her family has been incredible. “This year, my husband and I were able to take three summer vacations, which we have never done before. My kids love the fact that I’m home and we eat dinner together and have real conversations.”

Lindsey also has strengthened her bond with her team. “We were headed in a really bad direction but now I get to spend time with my people. Without Workman, I wouldn’t have the team or relationships I have today. And I’m so happy now that I have choices. Choice is so big, and before Workman, I had no choice.”

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