Lindsey Vaughn Grew Monthly Transactions by 400% Coaching with Workman

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Lindsey was tirelessly working over . without a clear understanding of her business's success.

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With Workman, Lindsey went from running ragged each day and having no time for her family to becoming very systematic, embracing accountability, and having time that was all about her husband and children.

While Lindsey wasn’t having a problem selling real estate, her business had overtaken every aspect of her life, and she knew she wanted to get her priorities in order. Lindsey had never developed defined systems for her brokerage or herself, so she couldn’t figure out what she was doing well. But one thing was for sure: The hours she was working were unsustainable.

Everybody in Lindsey’s life was frustrated – her husband, her kids, and her staff. She knew she had to figure out how to improve her business management so everyone could be happier. Until she could learn what was going wrong, Lindsey knew she couldn’t make a change.

Stop running her business like a “charity daycare,” where her agents couldn’t be productive because she was doing all the work.

“I was working my tail off so that I could pay for everybody else to come into this office and just drink the coffee. But nobody was really doing any business because there was no system. And when I thought of it this way, that was my moment of clarity that I needed to make a change and get some systems in place.”

Lindsey began her journey by tracking several items so she could truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of her business. “We started tracking our daily success habits because I look at it like a diet; if you don’t track those extra French fries at the bottom of the bag, you have no idea how many calories you actually ate during the day.”

With this mindset, Lindsey started accounting for her income and expenses, followed by where her leads were, who they were with, and where they were in the buying or selling process. Knowing all of this information allowed her to start running her business like a business and not willy-nilly as she had been doing for years before.


Lindsey’s Transformation Has Been .

She not only knew she had to find a different management style but committed to taking all the necessary action to revitalize her team and have a true personal life.

Grew from her previous best year in real estate of 52 transactions to 68 transactions in the first eight months after coaching with Workman Success Systems.
Increased from three transactions in a month to 12+ monthly
Soared from a best year of $275,000 in gross commission to close to $500,000
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From the Client
Lindsey Vaughn
“When we implemented the Workman ABCs lead management system, we realized that our team didn't have a lead problem. We had a lead follow-up problem. We’re now very, very systematic when it comes to lead follow-up as the ABCs system makes it so easy.”
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Lindsey Vaughn
Leader of The Lindsey Vaughn Team

What a . a System Makes

“We make sure that everything is so systematic, it’s just that simple. I know the systems are working – we are holding each other accountable for our daily success habits and ABC tracking.”

“Two or three years ago, I wouldn’t have the time I do now with my family, there was just no way. But now I have the time. My kids love the fact that I’m home, and we eat dinner together and have real conversations. My husband and I were able to take three summer vacations, which we have never done before.”

Lindsey attributes the strong bonds that she now has with her agents and spouse to the support, guidance, and tools she received from Workman Success Systems. “I can’t thank Workman and its systems enough because I’m happy. I’m happy that I get to spend this time with my people. I’m happy that I now have choice. Choice is so big and before Workman, I had no choice.”

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