If you’ve been in real estate for less than 15 years, it’s just a fact that the market is starting to do things that you’ve never experienced as a real estate professional. How are you weathering it? A successful real estate business needs to be able to succeed in every market condition that comes up. If you’re just hoping to wait out higher rates and buyer and seller fears, then I’m afraid you’re going to be waiting longer than your business can stand.

Your business needs to be able to succeed in any market and grow year-over-year despite any external threats. That’s where The SHIFT comes in. We conceived a strategy based on the idea of identifying external market threats and answering them with systems that help allay fears and build confidence in buyers and sellers. This threat-based marketing is a powerful answer to the shifting market.

The SHIFT in its entirety is a proprietary system that is only made available to Workman Success Systems’ private clients. But we wanted to let you have at least a taste of what it offers and see for yourself how powerful it can be. To that end, we put on a webinar hosted by Cleve Gaddis and Denise Klein that explores the current market, offers proven suggestions for navigating it, and includes some resources — including one of The SHIFT’s exciting scripts. You can check out the webinar here:

Here are the resources mentioned in the webinar. To help you remember the special message Cleve and Denise delivered, here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

Why Should Your Leads Care About You?

What’s your Unique Selling Proposition? When prospects give you their information, they’re giving you something they value — how are you earning it? Finding ways to increase the perceived value of working with you will help you generate better leads more quickly.

Tailor Your Talk Tracks To Customer Fears

Threat-based marketing will keep your business thriving even in this challenging market. It’s not enough to find people who want to buy or sell; you need to find the people who would like to buy or sell but don’t feel like they can right now. Educate them past their fears and help build their confidence and you’ll have more business than you’ll know what to do with.

Keep The Conversations Flowing

The whole idea behind The SHIFT is to keep conversations going with clients and prospects. As you focus on becoming the expert and on increasing buyer and seller confidence, you’ll find that more people will connect with you and feel confident to move forward despite less-favorable conditions.

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