Achieving success in the real estate market is not a matter of chance but a result of strategic planning, effective systems, and expert guidance. High-performing individuals and teams do so through carefully orchestrated day-to-day success habits, comprehensive goal-setting, and sustainable business planning.

This begins with leveraging the right tools, resources, and customized professional development to meet your unique needs and objectives. Private business coaching can be one of the biggest game changers for your real estate business, providing numerous benefits to elevate productivity and improve your bottom line.

Workman Success Systems, a business coaching company that specializes in real estate teams and organizations, offers a tailored approach to delivering the proven systems, processes, and tools that drive growth and build the necessary skills for success — whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a team of two, three, or dozens of agents. 

A Powerful Combination of Coaching Experts and Technology

Workman private coaching programs outpace the industry standard for revenue growth year-over-year while helping agents and owners achieve better work-life balance. Our virtual and in-person coaching blends a transformative, interactive training and coaching platform powered by AI with an expert community of certified real estate business coaches. The impact of private business coaching results in:

  1. Identifying strengths and weaknesses to create a customized plan to maximize potential.
  1. Establishing Accountability as a powerful motivator to hold agents and team members accountable for their commitments and goals.
  1. Building Perspectives to view your business from a new angle with fresh insights to develop innovative solutions and strategies for success.
  1. Developing Skills such as negotiation, communication, and marketing, and learning how to leverage bleeding-edge technology and systems to streamline operations.
  1. Increasing Productivity to work smarter, not harder by identifying inefficiencies and providing strategies for improvement and growth.

The benefits of private business coaching can have a direct impact on raising your income. Implementing the tailored tools and resources designed specifically to address your unique challenges and goals guides and prepares you for success. Identifying strengths, building skill sets, leveraging the technology and resources to succeed, and establishing accountability help boost morale, increase satisfaction, and improve productivity. Empowered, educated and prepared individuals and teams lay the foundation to close more deals and increase earnings, which directly translates to higher income.

Workman Success Systems Private Business Coaching Programs

Workman Success Systems offers both in-person and virtual private business coaching that is customizable to meet your organization’s unique challenges, strengths, and goals.

In-Person Business Coaching

Our proprietary approach to in-person private coaching has helped build the highest-performing real estate teams in the nation, and we continually develop specialized training and resources for every role on your team. Our in-person programs provide systems and processes for every part of your business and ongoing development programs for recruiting, retention, and profitability in any market.

With the combined decades of experience from our coaches, we’ve identified exactly what works to create lasting success in the real estate industry. We’ve learned the most effective ways to leverage your and your team’s unique skill sets to increase your income and build a business that supports your lifestyle, instead of one that becomes your life. We provide a path to Predictable Greatness — guaranteed.

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Virtual Training Center

The Workman Success Systems Training Center is a comprehensive resource built for team leaders, brokers, and owners looking to improve their agents’ and administrative staff’s skills and knowledge base. It is also the ideal starting point for independent agents looking to turn their real estate practice into an established and accomplished business.

The Training Center includes hundreds of hours of video content, as well as structured, interactive learning curriculum and programs designed to immediately implement in your organization. Our virtual learning center is ideal for real estate organizations of any size and complexity to provide ongoing professional development for leaders, agents, and administrators who can engage in structured or self-paced learning that directly applies to daily business practices. The centerpiece of the Training Center is a suite of specialized Mastery Courses for every role on your team.

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Are you ready to build skills, hold accountability, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line? Take two minutes and Find Your Fit with our private business coaching programs.