Using Real Estate Scripts to Convert More Leads

Whether you’re a new or experienced real estate agent, scripted, practiced dialogues can help you deliver the right message to your potential clients while prospecting. Real estate scripts can help you make each contact you have with a lead as effectively as possible.  

The LPMAAM Script

The first time you make personal contact with a lead, perhaps while you’re prospecting over the phone, there are certain questions you should ask them before you know if they’re a serious buyer or seller. That’s why Workman Success Systems developed LPMAAM — a powerful real estate script that guides your qualifying process through the six key points you need to cover before you can move the prospect forward as a client.

L — Location: understand where they want to buy or where they are selling.

P — Price: ask about their price range. 

M — Motivation: understand their reasons for wanting to buy/sell a home.

A — Agent: confirm that they are not already working with another agent. 

A — Appointment: set the appointment.

M — Mortgage: ask if they have met with a lender / about the balance left on their home mortgage. 

This real estate script is meant to provide structure to your dialogue to make sure that you gather the right information while maintaining a natural, conversational flow. You want to avoid sounding rigid, like an order-taker. Show your personality and attention to detail as you gather information on each point, listening and allowing them to speak. LPMAAM lets you turn the act of qualifying a lead into a comfortable conversation. If you would like a copy of the full Workman Success Systems LPMAAM script, click here

The FORD Dialogue

Another tried and true way to guide your prospecting call toward a natural conversation is to use the FORD dialogue. This works well for regularly scheduled touches with your Top 50, your B and C leads, or anyone you haven’t spoken with for a while.  

F — Family: How are your kids? Didn’t so and so just graduate?

O — Occupation: How is work? Did you get that promotion? 

R — Recreation: What are you doing in your free time? 

D — Dreams: What’s next for you?  

This dialogue leads you through four topics that help you connect with your prospect and show them that you’re interested in them as more than a revenue stream. Each topic is personal and allows you to understand your prospect and demonstrate your active listening skills.

Be interested, not interesting.

Verl Workman 

Using Real Estate Scripts in Your Business

Using either the LPMAAM script or the FORD script will help you communicate with your prospects in a professional, confident, and caring manner that is likely to help you connect with them and convert them from prospects to clients more smoothly. In an industry where business comes from staying front of mind and developing and nurturing your relationships with people, your communication needs to be intentional and effective. Practice what to say and how to say it frequently and you’ll be able to confidently convert more leads and grow your business through your closest connections.  

If you want to learn more about real estate business strategies, schedule a free consultation with a Workman Success Systems business analyst to discuss which specific strategies and tools your business needs to thrive!