If you’re a real estate agent who is looking to start a team and you’re wondering which hire to make first, you should start by hiring and onboarding an admin — or more aptly referred to as a client care coordinator. Real estate teams who strive to serve a higher number of clients need a team member whose main responsibility is managing all the little details in your systems and processes to ensure that your clients receive exceptional care. A client care coordinator is the key to making a bigger impact in the lives of the people you serve. Hiring in this role is the first step toward growth in your client-base and your business. 

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When we have created too many opportunities (leads) in the business, we need the support of a client care coordinator. Success in real estate isn’t magic, it’s math. The math says, if you’re increasing your profitability, then an admin is the easiest way to keep those profits rising. You can’t grow your business with a mindset of scarcity. You need a mindset of abundance because together more is possible, and together your business will have more opportunities. 


To be able to scale and have a broader reach and impact, you need someone to delegate the tasks you no longer have time for. Your client care coordinator is your first line of support when it comes to delegating the many tasks that come with increased production.

It works like this: delegate and duplicate. Your client care coordinator completes the redundant tasks that are crucial to for your systems to function properly. That also means that this role doesn’t require a real estate license — just a keen sense of organization and a dedication to your company processes. 

Many agents are concerned about not having the budget to hire a client care coordinator on salary. Well, the question is then: what are they worth to you and your business? How many transactions should they be creating for you to make them worth it? The answer to this is hidden in your Top 50 system. If you’re an avid user of the Top 50, then you know that it’s designed for you to receive one referral from every client on your Top 50 list, every year. This is exactly what your client care coordinator can help you facilitate by implementing consistent and meaningful follow-up with your database — something you may not be able to do as a busy single agent. If the right hire in this role can help you receive one referral from each client every year, you’ll find the budget for this role in the growth that they create for you.  

If you’d like to discuss when and how to hire your client care coordinator, schedule a free consultation with us, and we’ll help you take the first step in building a profitable team.