Workman Success Systems Celebrates 6 Years!

Workman 6 Year Anniversary

Time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t believe that it has been 6 years since Workman Success Systems was first created. Our mission is still the same, to create “purpose, prosperity, and productivity”. The Co-owners, Verl Workman and his daughter Brianne Ika first thought of the concept of Workman Success. Interestingly, on a plane ride home from an event that Verl’s previous employer was putting on, it was there that he decided to create a business exactly how he wanted. The two sat with their heads together for 5 hours on their way home from Texas and furiously mapped out a template. When they landed on the tarmac, they had their outline and were ready to take action as soon as they arrived. There was no time for rest! They were ready to put it into action. 

When they got home, business outline in hand, they called all the best people they knew and started creating it in the flesh. They started out by making a dynamite team with their current director of coaching, Jim Knowlton. Jim helped bring the business into fruition by heading to Memphis to meet with Terri Murphy, a great agent who wrote all the content for Buyers Agent Mastery (BAM) — the first full-fledged online course that would be hosted in the Agent Training Center as well as taught by Workman Facilitators. In fact, she was one of their first master coaches to join the team. The third person that assisted in getting the company off the ground running was Deb Knowlton, an English teacher and curriculum developer. She helped to make the course easily digestible, well-organized and impactful!

“We are the best-kept secret in real estate and it’s time to change it. We want to let the world know who Workman is and what we can do for their people. We have unbelievable people on our team, we don’t know if it is luck or what, but we have the best coaches and the best culture. They are great family people and just great people in general! We are totally scalable and can’t wait to help more agents grow their team!”

Verl Workman

The business started growing when more and more people started to lend a helping hand. Verl attributes Workman’s early success to the many people who he had helped over the years that wanted to return the favor. An old business partner, Brent Gray was added to the roster and is currently COO, where he handles hiring for the staff that is currently working for Workman Success Systems. Brianne, who just had her third baby, is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Workman Success and helps with the big-picture direction for the company.

It has been a wild ride with Workman Success! During these last 6 years, we have grown from our original 5 coaches to over 50 certified, master, and senior coaches! In fact, at our latest Coach Training Event, we advanced 3 of our senior coaches to master coaches! Our coaches are a part of the Workman family from day one; many started out as clients before becoming our coaches. With the support and structure that Workman provides, the coaches have grown their teams, made connections, and closed sales all across the country, all while making time to spend with friends and family: the whole mission of Workman Success Systems.