3 Ways to Hit the Ground Running in 2022

3 Ways to Hit the Ground Running in 2022

Whether you’re ready or not, 2021 is winding down —which means it’s time to start getting ready for 2022. The Workman Success Systems October webinar, hosted by top real estate coaches Cleve Gaddis and Yamel Maynard, provided timely, relevant insight on creating a business plan that will prepare your real estate business for the new year.

Here are the top three strategies to implement into your business now to have success and satisfaction in 2022:

1. Start your business plan before the year ends.
Whether you helm a Fortune-500 megacorporation, run a startup out of your garage, or sell real estate, every business needs a business plan as a blueprint for your efforts...It’s what will help you match your actions to your professional and personal goals and achieve real growth throughout the year.

Why is it so important to start developing your business plan now, before 2022 even begins? Master coach Cleve Gaddis compares your end-of-year prep time to a Boeing 747 on the runway. Like that aircraft, which must attain a speed of over 180 mph before it can take flight, we need time to accelerate before reaching our true potential. Putting in the legwork to create your business plan now means you will meet 2022 already airborne.

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2. Remember: it’s business and it’s personal.
Obviously, any well-developed business plan should cover every aspect of your professional life. But have you ever considered that it should include your personal life too? If it feels like something is out of whack or you’re not quite where you want to be in life, the right business plan can help create that needed balance and stability between professional and personal goals.

While defining your professional goals and ambitions for 2022, don’t forget to think about your personal life as well. After all, the two are closely connected, especially in the real estate business. What would you like your personal life to look like next year? Your relationship with your partner or your children? What do you want to do for fun? What would you like real estate to do for you?

Identifying these personal desires and ambitions can help clarify and give meaning to professional goals. It can also help you keep perspective when times get busy.

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3. Build strong daily habits.
Of course no plan is worth anything if it isn’t followed, and one of the best ways to follow a new plan is to develop strong daily habits that support it. But habits can be as hard to make as they are to break. One of the roadblocks to developing a strong habit is knowing just how you spend your time.

Coach Yamel Maynard uses Workman Success Systems’ Daily Success Habits tracker to optimize her use of time every day. This powerful tool helps you see where you are spending time wisely and which daily activities aren’t highly productive. Maynard explains that it is almost like tracking calories—like a diet for your time. Understanding where you have “empty calories” in your day will help you fill those spaces with more high-impact activities. Building healthy daily habits is a great way to prepare now for 2022.

As 2021 winds now, consider how you can best use this time to make 2022 the best it can be. Workman Success Systems has a variety of tools you can use to maximize your productivity and achieve the work-life balance you desire.