5 Brilliant Real Estate To-Do’s To Start 2023 Right

5 Real Estate To-Dos before 2023

What’s on your to-do list before the end of 2022? What are you doing to make this month the perfect springboard into 2023 so you can make next year even better than this one? I have a list of essential to-dos for you to button up 2022 right—and start 2023 with a bang!

It’s easy to start thinking that 2022 is over before it’s done, but you still have a few weeks to set yourself up for an incredible 2023—don’t let this time go to waste! If you handle it correctly, these last few weeks can make Q1 of 2023 your best quarter yet!

Real Estate To-Do #1: Talk To Your SOI

Work Your SOI

Make a concentrated effort and plan to reach out to everyone in your Sphere of Influence (SOI) before the end of the month. Make these touches as personal as possible and offer your SOI something of value, even if that’s just some kind words or your time. If you get a touch with everyone on your list, the high likelihood is that you’ll end up getting at least 2 closed deals in the next month from your efforts.

Even if your list is dry—or if you don’t have an SOI defined at all—take some time this month to figure out your SOI for 2023. Build a list of 50 people in your life—neighbors, friends, family, business associates—who are most likely to be looking into real estate in the coming year (or who will have leads on people who are ready to make deals) and set up a plan to keep in regular contact with those people. Your Top 50 is really a plan to build relationships and keep conversations going. Approach your SOI in this way, and you’ll have more business than you know what to do with!

Real Estate To-Do #2: Plan An Event For The New Year

Plan a Real Estate Event for the New Year

Hosting a real estate event is a great way to increase community outreach, build a reputation, and keep yourself top of mind for potential clients. It’s also an effective way to generate warm leads who know your name and face when you call them. The end of the year is a busy time for folks, so it might not be the most effective time to host an event. The beginning of the year, however, is generally considered to be a quiet time. Plan an event, invite the community, and use the last few weeks of 2022 to get ready for the flood of goodwill, reputation, and leads that are sure to come your way in January.

Real Estate To-Do #3: Finalize Your Business Plan

Real Estate To-Do #3: Finalize Your Business Plan

Have you finished your business plan for 2023 yet? It’s understandable if you haven’t—life in real estate is busy! Still, a business plan needs to be a priority. The old adage is true: those who fail to plan, plan to fail. A good business plan needs to help you account for your strengths and weaknesses, define a big picture for your business’ progress, and help you focus on the nuts and bolts of what will make you successful or not. Check out our free Business Plan Workbook for a handy guide on getting it done right.

Real Estate To-Do #4: Review Your Team

Review Your Team

“Team” can be a loaded word and can mean a lot of different things. For the purposes of this article, your team is what drives your business. Maybe that’s you. Maybe that’s you and an admin. Maybe you have a team of 20. Whatever your team is, it’s time to do a review. Is your team meeting your business needs?

Are you overworked? Maybe it’s time to hire an additional admin. Are you focusing on listings and the buyer side of your business is hurting? Maybe it’s time for another buyer’s agent. Is every piece of your team working the way it should? Right now is a good time to review your team and make decisions about its size, its effectiveness, and whether its current make up can meet your business plan in the coming year. Then, make a plan to adjust as needed.

Real Estate To-Do #5: Make A Personal Plan

Real Estate To-Do #5: Make A Personal Plan

Not everything in 2023 needs to be about your business. The importance of a personal plan can’t be overstated for keeping your health and motivation high. Defining your own why, goals for the coming year, and building a vision of who you want to be and what you want to be doing are invaluable.

Finish up your business plan, then get to work on you. What are your needs that aren’t being met? How’s your mental health? What are you doing to take care of yourself outside of work? How’s your personal life and free time? Make goals in line with these questions and build a life that can support your busy career.

2022 isn’t over yet—leverage these last weeks to get a head start on next year. If you fill your coming weeks with the right kinds of real estate to-dos, you’ll have an incredible start to 2023. Make the next few weeks the most focused of the year and set yourself up for an even better 2023!

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