Behind the Curtain at Workman Success Coach Training Day 1

Coach Training Oct 2022

Two times a year, Workman Success Systems puts on an invitation-only event for its coaches to ensure they’re well-taught in the Workman Way. For the October 2022 Coach Training, I’m privileged to be able to sit in and give those who didn’t attend a peek behind the curtain. 

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It’s day one. Verl Workman stands in front of an assembled crowd of about 30 real estate coaches-in-training, a question hanging in the air: “Who wants a live coaching session?”

The crowd doesn’t respond like you might expect a normal crowd to respond; there isn’t an awkward silence, the shuffling of chairs, or the clearing of throats. This is no normal crowd—right away, a half-dozen hands shoot up, all ready to discuss the good, bad, and ugly of their real estate business in front of their rivals, peers, and mentors.

With a short conversation—I’m tempted to say “interrogation,” but it feels more casual than that, despite the rapid-fire questions and the intimate business details being uncovered—Verl has enough understanding of the brave coach-in-training’s business to give her recommendations, commit her to specific actions, celebrate her victories, and shore up some behaviors that aren’t helping her business achieve its goals.

Verl introduces Day 1 of Coach Training.

Verl is direct, inquisitive, and doesn’t accept excuses. He never comes off as judgmental or condescending. When the information he gets from the coach-in-training isn’t specific enough, he doubles down and asks for the information in another way. Verl is entirely in his element as he dissects, understands, and helps to better her business. She walks away with actionable items, commitments that Verl assures her coach will follow up on, and marching orders for the next steps she needs to take to make her business what she wants it to be.

This all happens in the course of less than 30 minutes. These hot seats with Verl are a hallmark of the Workman Way and serve as a microcosm for what the company stands for: experts with real experience using hyper-specific and actionable coaching to solve real client concerns. I choose this single event to describe the first day of Workman Success Systems’ Coach Training: it’s very open, very focused, and very high-level. The following two days of events will only get more intense, more specialized, and more interactive.

Verl sits with a mix of coaches and staff at a catered dinner after Workman Success Coach Training Day 1.

Some events have a training focus. Some are purely social. Well-catered meals, amazing opportunities to network with industry leaders, and total immersion in coaching the Workman Way are the hallmarks of Workman’s Coach Training.

For first-timers, the conference is all about buying in. This is a wonderful place to see the results you’re after in others who have gone on before. Coach Training is where you can catch fire so you can start a blaze that keeps on going.

For those a bit more seasoned, Workman’s Coach Training is a touchpoint that accelerates your career and adds fuel to blazes previously kindled.

Workman’s Coach Training offers the most seasoned of coaches an opportunity to pass on the wisdom they’ve gathered and see what they’ve been key in building: a community serving as the engine behind real estate coaching with Workman Success Systems.

Workman Success Systems Coach Training is a place of leaders, a place of champions, and a place of budding legends. It’s an event that sets coaches on fire. It’s the kind of place you want to qualify to be invited to.

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