Behind the Curtain at Workman Success Coach Training Day 3

Behind the curtain at Day 3 of Coach Training.

Two times a year, Workman Success Systems puts on an invitation-only event for its coaches to ensure they’re well-taught in the Workman Way. This Coach Training, I’m privileged to be able to sit in and give those who didn’t attend a peek behind the curtain. 

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Day three of Coach Training brings exciting new revelations and technology, technical trainings, and farewells. One witnessing the morning of day three would be excused if they didn’t assume it to be the last day of the conference—everyone has so much energy. Despite being fed new information, systems, and ideas with a firehose, everyone seems to be in good spirits and full of a vigor that comes from being around so many like-minded professionals.

After a hearty breakfast, the coaches shuffle into the meeting room where Cleve Gaddis has a special announcement—and a treat—for everyone: a new program to be used in their coaching that will address the shifting market and offer tools and resources to help agents succeed despite unfavorable conditions. Cleve labels the project as a sort of threat-based marketing and reads the first module aloud for everyone to hear, then oversees the distribution of the first two modules to every coach in the room so that the program can be discussed.

Sara Guldi opens Coach Training.

Man-hours, expertise, and energy have gone into building out this new program. It’s of a high quality. Even so, it’s being presented at no extra cost to anyone in the room: all future modules will be made available to increase the efficacy of their coaching and help their clients. The material is proprietary and meant to be a sort of silver bullet: something that can be used to give Workman coaching clients an unfair market advantage.

This is the Workman Way: the content of training courses and coaching programs is constantly being rethought, updated with the market, and made available to everyone in the organization at no extra cost.

Workman is also dedicated to collaboration. A tech company presents to the assembled coaches, announcing a special partnership with Workman to allow the coaches to use their proprietary software free of charge in order to give them a deeper dive into their clients’ numbers. This comes as news to the assembled coaches—it’s been done to add value to their work, but it’s all been done behind the scenes. There’s no explicit expectation that they all adopt this new technology, but there seems to be an implicit understanding that it’s being provided for their good.

The Coach Playbook.

After a group photo, lunch, and further high-level trainings, it’s time to wrap up the event and get to the closing social. Things start to get emotional as coaches share their “aha!” moments from the three days of training and networking. Everybody has come away with something different that they feel strongly is vital for their life and business.

More than one coach says that this October’s Coach Training is the best they’ve ever experienced. Tears flow, cheers are made, and everyone adjourns to enjoy a closing social with good food and better friends.

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