How To Create Memorable Real Estate Client Events

Client events create memorable experiences that can add to your team’s legacy. The goal with any event is to put your team’s name and service at the front of people’s minds in regards to real estate and getting out in your community. Putting on a fantastic client event once a year or even several times…

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Most Millennial Home Buyers Have Buyer’s Remorse

Millenial Homebuyer Remorse

A recent Bankrate survey found that the majority of millennial home buyers have regrets following the purchase of their home. A full 64 percent of millennial buyers reported disappointment about some aspect of the home after closing.

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Are We in a Housing Bubble?

Are We In A Housing Bubble?

As home values rise at stunning speeds, many people are growing nervous. There seem to be similarities between today’s market and the pre-2008 housing market, which led to the market crash and the Great Recession. Are they right to worry?

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Real Estate Marketing Emails: The Dos and Don’ts

Real Estate Marketing Emails

As a real estate professional, do you struggle with converting internet leads? Many agents are used to working with referrals or directly with people we know instead of working internet leads. But 44 percent of people start their real estate search online. If you’re not working your digital leads, you’re leaving money on the table.…

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5 Tips for Mastering Real Estate Social Media Marketing

social media real estate marketing

Every real estate agent should have a social media marketing strategy. It’s an easy and low-cost way to get your name and brand top of mind to a large number of people. According to 47 percent of agents, social media marketing brings the highest quality leads compared to any other tech tool.  More than three-quarters…

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Young Homeowners Are Getting Friendlier

Good schools, a spacious garage, and rad neighbors? Every homebuyer has a list of criteria for their dream home, and those criteria may be changing for your younger clientele. While millennials express more appreciation for neighborhoods and community, your marketing and messaging to younger prospects and clients may need to be updated to reflect their…

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How to Step Up Your Follow-up Real Estate Marketing Strategy

If you’ve got lead generation down to a science, but you’re not closing the number of deals you’d like, you probably need to work on your follow-up marketing. Follow-up marketing in real estate can be difficult to perfect, but learning to do it effectively will make all the difference in increasing the number of transactions…

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