Do Multi-Family Units Really Bring Down Resale Value?

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Many say apartment complexes bring several complications to their surrounding neighborhood, but is it really true that building multi-family units actually creates more harm than good, or does multi-family housing just get a bad reputation? MYTH #1: Higher Crime Rates A study conducted by the Arizona Multifamily Housing Association concluded that there is only a…

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Finding Your Dream Team in a Tough Hiring Climate

How to Find Your Dream Team Members

While a great culture and the right systems can create a dream team, you can’t get there until you’ve hired the right people. Many real estate team leaders struggle to find people who are both qualified and a great fit.  Tammie Slay and Anne Coke joined a WizeHire and Workman Success Systems webinar to discuss…

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A New Home Project Sheds Light On Women’s Involvement in Homebuilding

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An eclectic, contemporary farmhouse-style home in Utah is believed to be the first home in the U.S. to be engineered, designed, and built completely by women. The project is being run by Utah Professional Women in Building and is intended to showcase skilled tradeswomen from all over the country. The home is referred to as…

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Strategies and Systems That Increase Performance within Your Real Estate Team

Successful teams aren’t born overnight. They’re carefully built by implementing the right systems and strategies to support the team’s goals. If you’re trying to find the tools your team needs to succeed, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Look at teams who’ve thrived by using a few specific systems and strategies, and incorporate them…

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How To Build Real Estate Teams That Dominate The Industry

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Ron Howard used to work 80-hour weeks and still wasn’t making enough to build the life he wanted. He had a team, but it wasn’t cohesive. Then he rebuilt his team, emphasizing a strong culture, great systems, and hiring the right people, and he’s now making more money while working half the hours. Because of…

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Will Hosts Replace Landlords? Airbnb Thinks So.

A growing number of people are booking extended stays through Airbnb. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky believes people value flexibility with their housing now more than ever. He predicts that extended stays (30+ days) will eventually replace the need for long-term leases and traditional landlords. A Shifting Culture Currently,10.6 million Americans earn income from rental properties.…

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How To Create Memorable Real Estate Client Events

Client events create memorable experiences that can add to your team’s legacy. The goal with any event is to put your team’s name and service at the front of people’s minds in regards to real estate and getting out in your community. Putting on a fantastic client event once a year or even several times…

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Most Millennial Home Buyers Have Buyer’s Remorse

Millenial Homebuyer Remorse

A recent Bankrate survey found that the majority of millennial home buyers have regrets following the purchase of their home. A full 64 percent of millennial buyers reported disappointment about some aspect of the home after closing.

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