Shifting Into High Gear: Double The Listings In 600 Fewer Contacts With The SHIFT

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59% American real estate professionals say they started or joined a team to provide better service to clients.

Case Study

The SHIFT showed Mahala and her team . in fewer contacts.

Mahala and her team used Workman Success Systems’ powerful SHIFT program to solve client problems, increase the effectiveness of their contacts, and double their listings.

Mahala Landin didn’t want the shifting real estate market to slow her team down. They’d had an incredible year in 2022 and wanted the start of 2023 to outpace what they’d done the year before.

“I would say to the team, ‘you know your numbers are great, but they have to mean something. They have to actually be able to tie directly into the work that we’re doing, or it just becomes meaningless.'”

Mahala believed personalization and high-value service were the keys to making 2023 her team’s best year ever.

Looking for new strategies led Mahala to Workman Success Systems, where she would ultimately learn about and implement The SHIFT, the tool she credits for achieving her goals in January 2023.


Mahala’s Team Shifted Into .

“In January, we wrote 32 contracts. Last year we did 26. We met 86 appointments in January, which is the same as 2022, but more impactful, as we had 600 fewer conversations. I attribute that to the skill and the power of the WSS program and The SHIFT.”

Mahala's team wrote 32 contracts in one month in 600 fewer phone calls.
In the same number of appointments, Mahala's team closed an extra 6 deals.
From the Client
Mahala Landin
"The SHIFT is an opportunity to stay current and in touch with what’s happening in the market because real estate moves so fast."
Workman Success Triangles
Mahala Landin
Managing Partner/Broker In Charge
The Rachel Kendall Team

More .

Compared to January 2022, Mahala’s team wrote 6 extra
in January 2023.

And Double The Listings. . .

“The quality of our conversations has improved so much, we’re on track to more than double our listings with 600 fewer conversations.”

In Fewer Contacts

“[In January], we had 600 fewer conversations. There are not many times I celebrate that, but when it comes to closing on the phone, I attribute that to the skill and the power of the WSS program and The SHIFT.”

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Come see for yourself — Mahala’s results are typical of clients who apply the systems, processes, and behaviors their coaches identify as missing from their business.

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