How Private Business Coaching Changed Nick Painz' Real Estate Business — An Additional 223K GCI in 500 Fewer Hours

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55% of real estate professionals believe being on a team has had the effect on their personal life that they hoped for.

Case Study

Nick went from a high-producing agent with no time to himself to someone who hasn’t shown a house in 6 months — and . by over $200K!

It was no accident. Nick’s success is repeatable and understable; see how he did it below!

Nick Painz was hustling in real estate — and it was working for him. In 2021, he
closed $495K in Gross Commission Income and started a small team consisting mostly of buyer’s agents. But it wasn’t sustainable.

“I was working 7 days a week. I had a true day off maybe once a quarter. I didn’t really know what direction my business was heading.”

Nick began coaching with Workman Success Systems because he was looking for solutions to scaling his business up while getting back some of his personal time.

“I knew I needed to make some changes to grow, but I didn’t know how to do it.”

The first thing he learned was that he’d set up his team incorrectly.

“I’d done it all the wrong way. . . I had three buyer’s agents and no administrative staff. My coach opened my eyes.”

By making the adjustments suggested by his coach and adopting proven systems at the optimal time decided by his coach, Nick grew his personal GCI to $718K, while working around 500 fewer hours than the year before.


The Business .

I haven’t shown a house in 6 months. I don’t enjoy production and have found my talents have more use in other parts of my business.”

With Higher Income. . .

“I’ve increased my personal income over 200 thousand dollars in the past year. My team went from Titan level to Diamond level with RE/MAX.”

In Less Time

“I have my weekends back. I put less than 5,000 miles on my car last year. I don’t show homes anymore.”

+$223K Income In 500 Fewer Hours Of Work
From the Client
Nick Painz
"The transition that I had in my first year has been immense. The personal change, the real estate change, the financial change — it's all been unbelievable. I'm a Workman client for life."
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Nick Painz
Team Leader
META Homes

The Math Just .

“The way I justified signing up for coaching was understanding that I only needed to do four extra deals to pay for two years of coaching.”

“In my first year, I increased my income by over four times my two year investment. I still have a year to go to make back on that investment.”

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Workman Success Systems has identified a predictable and repeatable path to greatness in real estate. Nick’s results are typical of any of our clients that adopt our proven systems and follow their coach’s advice. Come see for yourself how business coaching can change your real estate business!

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