Real Estate Marketing That Works: Service Regardless of Opportunity

Serving real estate clients

In real estate, the purpose of your marketing and communications is to keep you top of mind when people in your sphere are ready to buy or sell. But if your message isn’t refined, your consistent contact can quickly turn to hounding and begging for business, and that doesn’t work. So what is your marketing…

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Delegation Do’s and Don’ts: Building Your Workflow

As the leader of a real estate team, you’ll eventually have to identify what responsibilities are yours and not yours. Believe it or not, saying no to certain tasks and activities is a massive part of leadership and lends itself, oddly enough, to a “can do” attitude in your leadership. When you know what tasks…

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The Real Coaches of Workman Success Systems: Tammie Slay

Between value propositions and testimonials, it’s common to hear the claim that real estate coaching changes lives. It’s such a massive claim that it’s hard to imagine how it happens. It’s true, then the people making these claims have a complicated story to tell — something like alchemy to convey — about how real estate coaching…

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Why You Should Huddle With Your Real Estate Team

Real Estate Team Huddles

When you’re on the field, huddling is how need-to-know information gets shared, changes get made, and assignments get handed out. But, what happens when we take the huddle format off of the gridiron and into our businesses? We see amazing results for our real estate teams when we consistently huddle. It’s a small commitment, but…

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5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About Filing Taxes

It’s tax season, agents! Filing your taxes is a little different than for a standard employee. Most agents, except on the rare occasion, are self-employed. You may see it listed as “statutory nonemployee” or “independent contractor” in your paperwork. As the sole proprietor of your business, it’s up to you to pay your taxes since…

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5 Strategies to Increase Listing Inventory During a Pandemic

5 Strategies for increasing listing inventory during a pandemic

We’ve begun a new year, and the pandemic is still holding on tight. The trick is, we have to hold on tighter. Understandably, it is daunting. We may think, as small business owners, that the challenges are too great to continue another pandemic year. But, fear not; we can make it — it’s just about…

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Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Your Real Estate Business in 2021

S.M.A.R.T Real Estate Goals

If you’re afraid your goals for the new year will fall flat, you’re not alone. It’s difficult to set goals and even harder still to achieve them. But why? If you’ve struggled in the past sticking to your resolutions, it’s likely that you haven’t set a proper goal. Often, our “goals” are more like wishes.…

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Why Should I Hire a Real Estate Coach?

Hire A Real Estate Coach

Becoming a superstar real estate agent doesn’t happen overnight. It can take many years for an agent to gain and master the skills necessary to make their business successful, stable, and profitable. Some agents may be able to advance on their own, but others may struggle to reach their lofty goals. When deciding if you…

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List Your Home ‘For Sale by Owner’

List Your Home ‘For Sale by Owner’ By Cleve Gaddis A recent Facebook post by a top-producing agent read: “I recommend that all sellers try for sale by owner.” I couldn’t believe it when I read it, so I read it twice. Yep, that’s what it said alright. It just didn’t use those words. Here’s what it did…

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