THINKING BIGGER with Paul Sessum

WSS master coach Paul Sessum spoke to March webinar participants about how to rediscover or find new success in real estate by redoubling our efforts on the small things — prospecting, delegating, sending handwritten notes — that help us build successful routines.


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Paul suggested agents and business owners should narrow their focus down to these three questions specifically:


  1. “Where am I in my business?”

  2. “Where do I want to go?”

  3. “How am I getting there?”


Each question helps to gain introspection on our business and helps us evaluate whether or not our efforts are leading us forward. As Paul continued, he invited four of his coaching clients who spoke to the importance of different tools and mindsets to help better understand their business trajectories and push them forward toward long-term real estate success.


Understanding Where We Are

The first step in our journey isn’t getting directions to a new location, but knowing our starting point. 

Top producers know exactly where their business stands because they keep track of key metrics that measure success, where their efforts are producing results and where they need work. 


New coaching clients Josh and Cassie Fareeze explained that their understanding of their current place in businesses comes from utilizing tools like the DSH Tracker. Josh spoke to how he has used it to give him the right idea about where his efforts in prospecting, following up, and attending appointments have been most helpful. He stressed that the visibility of results combined with the consistency of daily use have set his team up for prosperity.

The daily practice has been an aid in recruiting new clients and new agents as they have grown their Michigan-based business to 52 agents — all of them trained to use the DSH Tracker. Not only have they grown in size of their team members, but they have nearly doubled their production from 2020.


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Learning to Let Go

The one thing that seems to always hold us back in real estate is ourselves. Maybe we think we have the "Midas touch" with everything we do, and we struggle to see how someone else could do it better. Or maybe we are so worried about a task not getting completed that we refuse to delegate it to someone else. No matter our real estate talents, there is not enough time for one person to solve every problem and fulfill every role, especially not while providing quality service to every client.  


The Fareezes and fellow coaching client Missy Stagers talked about delegating certain processes, systems, and tasks to their team members instead of trying to do it all. It has been a game changer for each as they have gained more time to focus on priorities in their respective businesses. Their ability to delegate and share responsibilities with others has been a key point in reaching their goals and getting to where they want to go.


Now, each of them enjoys their work more. No more getting bogged down in administrative tasks while their expertise and their priorities are sidelined while they complete every task solo. Instead of wearing themselves out and wearing every hat available to real estate professionals, they can focus on production and money-making activities.


Discovering our Purpose

All of this effort must align with our higher purpose — our “Big Why” and our final destination.


That reason we are in business is a critical component of each of our business plans. Coaching client Tom Millar spoke glowingly about how he has used his business plan to fulfill his “Big Why” and open a coffee shop in town. Today, his coffee shop functions as a networking tool, community gathering space, and a spot for a great cup of joe. The tasks, the financial numbers, and the follow-through are all worth it for his bigger purpose. 


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But all of this hard work must be done even when it is inconvenient or we don’t want to do it. The tasks we complete, like filling out the DSH Tracker, delegating to others, or creating strategic plans and business plans, are essential in understanding where we are and planning for a better future — even if it means we do these tasks “kicking and screaming” like the participants described how it felt to do the tasks initially. As we move toward our “Big Why,” we must continue to see that our efforts are worth it and that we are moving forward and headed to where we want to be. 


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