How To Become The Leader You’d Be Happy To Follow

How To Become The Leader You'd Be Happy To Follow

Workman Success Systems’ monthly webinar series is back in December with an all-star lineup of panelists who know a thing or two about leadership. Check it out below and read the breakdown for further insights on becoming a leader in real estate you’d actually follow.

Verl Workman on becoming a leader you'd actually follow.
Verl Workman
Workman Success Systems

Verl founded Workman Success Systems, a business coaching company specializing in real estate teams, with the idea that Greatness is Predictable — something he’s passed on to hundreds of clients through the systems, programs, and processes he espouses. His unique approach to business coaching and team building has impacted thousands of individuals and his efforts have helped build some of the most successful real estate teams in the nation, all while prioritizing balance, family, and time.

Michelle Denogean on becoming a leader you'd actually follow.
Michelle Denogean
Chief Marketing Officer,

As a Senior Marketing Executive, thought leader, and practitioner specializing in online marketplaces, e-commerce, and technology platforms, Michelle has over 15 years of experience in marketing and business strategy, consumer insight, digital marketing, product development, and innovation practices. Michelle brings her staggering experience to bear in developing strategies for businesses big and small and helping her clients become leaders in their industries.

Anthony Marguleas on on becoming a leader you'd actually follow.
Anthony Marguleas
Amalfi Estates

An internationally recognized philanthropist and expert in real estate, Anthony has sold over $2 billion in properties and is known for his creativity with marketing, publicity, and technology to sell some of the best properties in Southern California, including his recent $63.1 million record-breaking sale of the Hearst estate, the most expensive home in the country to sell at auction. In 2022, The Wall Street Journal ranked his as one of the top 10 teams in the nation out of over 2 million agents and teams.

Here’s a breakdown of the webinar and some quick tips to get you started on becoming a leader you’d actually follow:

Be Clear With Your Vision

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re unlikely to find anything resembling a path to success. Define what you want if you want any kind of chance of becoming a leader you’d actually follow. It’s unlikely that anyone will follow someone who can’t explain where they’re going.

Turn Adversity To Your Advantage

Hard times are a guarantee. You will encounter obstacles on your path to greatness. How you handle those things and how you turn failure into success will decide the kind of leader you are. Your greatest successes are on the other side of failure.

Form Great Success Habits

Habits are the molecules that make up your success. What you do, when you do it, and how it gets done are how you predict true greatness. Build great success habits now in order to become a leader that’s worth following.

Becoming a leader in real estate takes time and the changing of various attitudes and mindsets that probably served you very well when production was your chief concern. Learning leadership is essential to running a business that grows and a team that sticks around. The results you achieve with your business will directly relate to how you lead your team and how much they trust you as a leader.

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