TikTok for Real Estate: 5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

TikTok for Real Estate

Are you taking advantage of what TikTok can do for your real estate business? The internet is a big place and the ways you can use it to reach an audience are endless. You may have previously dismissed TikTok as a fad or as an app for kids, but you really can’t afford to ignore it if you’re looking to leverage your online presence and brand.

Using TikTok for real estate might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about leveraging social media to build your online brand, but there are things about TikTok that recommend it even more than other social media platforms. Here are 5 reasons you can’t afford to ignore TikTok for Real Estate:

TikTok Reaches A Massive Audience

TikTok for Real Estate makes sense because of the size of its audience.

Investopedia estimates TikTok’s monthly users at over 1 billion. What this really means is that it’s one of the most prolific places to find or build an audience. TikTok is intergenerational, with people from all generations being represented in that billion users. 

If you’re looking for brand recognition and to find a diverse audience, TikTok is the perfect place for your real estate business. TikTok’s algorithms also help connect users in the same locale, so while the audience is large and diverse, you’ll also be prioritized on the “For You” pages of those who live nearest to your business.

Real Estate Is Best Served By A Visual Platform

Real needs estate a visual medium.

You’re selling a physical asset and that means that video is exactly the medium you need to show off your listings. TikTok is a visual platform. This makes it ideal for real estate professionals looking to showcase properties and highlight their unique features. Short, engaging videos can be really effective at grabbing the attention of potential buyers or renters. The platform is so informal that quick, easy TikTok videos won’t take much time at all to create.

Realtors on TikTok Build A Better Brand

Build your brand with TikTok for real estate.

TikTok is famous for building brands. The informality and personability of the app’s video format allow real estate professionals to really showcase their personalities and share their knowledge and expertise in a fun and engaging way. Building a strong sense of brand identity can help real estate agents stand out from the crowd and the content produced for TikTok can be reused across multiple platforms to further strengthen your budding brand.

Gen Z Is Best Reached Where They Already Live

Gen Z is on TikTok

While those 1 billion monthly users span many demographics and generations, Gen Z is highly represented on TikTok. In the US, Gen Z is the largest generation, representing roughly 72 million people. As a generation, Gen Z is poised to enter the real estate market with a bang. NAR estimates that they made up 7% of all homebuyers in 2020, and that percentage is only going up, year over year.

Putting out content on TikTok is a viable way to connect with an audience of soon-to-be-homebuyers that you might otherwise be unable to reach. Leverage the potential TikTok has for real estate and you’ll be shocked at the kinds of leads you generate.

TikTok Drives Traffic To Other Platforms

TikTok for real estate leads to other platforms

Odd as it may sound, TikTok doesn’t end at TikTok. TikTok can help increase your following across many platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your own personal website. TikTok is excellent at driving traffic to various parts of the internet. Utilizing funnel techniques, you’ll be sure to grow a massive, diverse audience in no time at all.

It’s 2023 and what’s worked in the past might need an update. Take TikTok for real estate for a spin and see what you can do with a bigger, more diverse audience. Mastering social media marketing isn’t an overnight skill, but with perseverance and attention, you’ll find your niche and create more success than you previously thought possible.

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