Workman Success Systems Helped Transform Denise Klein's Approach to Business During COVID-19


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Leveraging Workman systems, platforms, and tools helped The Klein Team NV adapt to the pandemic, .

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As a result, the business thrived while increasing efficiency. Denise pivoted her business model, embraced technology, and fostered strong relationships to ensure her employee and client satisfaction remained high.

Denise Klein faced the daunting task of reimagining her business when COVID-19 hit. As shutdowns began, the industry was gripped by uncertainty.

“I was on a listing when we heard about the shutdown, and the fear was palpable.”

The pandemic forced Denise to consider how her administrative team, agents, and clients would adapt to the new normal.

“We had to figure out how to engage and support our agents and answer our clients’ needs.”

Denise aimed to use the pandemic as an opportunity to shift her business model to one that would thrive in a virtual environment.

“Covid created the biggest gift for us, allowing clients to feel safer with technology.”

Workman Success Systems had already integrated technology into their coaching, which Denise leveraged to maintain intimate relationships and drive her business forward.

“We used Zoom for our coaching calls and created a virtual office where our VAs and agents could collaborate effectively.”


Denise's Adaptation Led to .

By embracing technology and the support of Workman Success Systems, Denise’s business not only survived but thrived during the pandemic. Her team remained productive, and client relationships deepened.

“The shift to virtual consultations and meetings was surprisingly well-received by our clients.”

After adapting to virtual operations, Denise’s team efficiency improved. The virtual model allowed for a seamless transition to remote work, and the business continued to grow and scale despite the pandemic.

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From the Client
Denise Klein
"We leveraged technology to maintain productivity, fostered strong relationships, and our clients and team members adapted brilliantly to the virtual model."
The Klein Team NV
Denise Klein
Team Owner and Success Coach
eXp Realty - The Klein Team NV

Empowering Denise’s team and . through technology

Denise maintained client engagement and team productivity using the right mix of virtual platforms. By introducing new technology, The Klein Team NV was able to leverage the unexpected opportunities introduced by COVID-19 to expand and improve operations and enhance relationships.

“Technology helped us create impactful relationships, which was key to our success during the pandemic.”

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