Ieasha Larkpor Embraced Workman Success Systems to Reduce Turnover and Build a High-Performing Team Based on Trust.

80% of real estate professionals say they tend to be more productive and successful when they work on a real estate team.

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While Ieasha Larkpor had . as a managing broker, her business was suffering from high turnover, and she knew she had to find a solution to help her turn things around.

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Ieasha embraced Workman Success Systems’ proven processes and programs to not only strengthen her business but also to regain the time she needed to achieve life and family goals.

Ieasha’s determination and drive were actually harming business as she led with a do-it-myself mindset that was off-putting to her employees and causing her business to become stagnant. She realized that to have the business and personal life she envisioned, she had to make a change and needed help to do so.

Ieasha lacked the systems and processes to train her team and delegate work. Without these in place, she couldn’t laser focus on what a brokerage leader needs to do —strategize, lead, and empower her team for organizational and individual success.

Ieasha aimed to have systems in place within one year so she could focus on expanding her family.

“I knew after my last baby I didn’t want be overly involved in real estate while I was pregnant. I wanted to be able to relax. And to do this, I needed to be working on my business instead of working in my business.”

Ieasha’s WSS coach quickly identified that she needed a true real estate business management system in place for her team and her brokerage.

“Working with Josh May, we went through the Workman Success Systems process, a little bit at a time. In each coaching meeting, we set a goal for that call, and once it was completed, Josh assigned another goal. We achieved success bit by bit. So, it all felt attainable.”


Ieasha Learned to Let it Go and .

“I now have a team that I trust, a team that was vetted through our new systems and processes. It’s been the best money I have spent in real estate. I’m actually sad I didn’t do it 10 years ago.”

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Implement Processes, Systems, and Procedures to Empower Teams and .

In less than six months, Ieasha Larkpor went from a “do it all myself” mindset to having established systems that both grew her business and gave her the family time she needed.

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Come see for yourself — Ieasha’s results are typical of clients who apply the systems, processes, and behaviors their coaches identify as missing from their business.

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