Stop Trading Your Personal Life for Success in Real Estate

How many date nights is your real estate business worth to you? How many of your kids’ recitals, ball games, school plays, or other irreplaceable memories are you willing to miss to grow to the level of success you’ve always dreamed about? How many meaningful events do you think you can miss before your family and friends start to resent your business? How many can you miss before you start to wonder if this whole real estate thing is a mistake?

Being a real estate juggler isn’t an easy choice. A career in real estate may well require sacrifices from you that other career fields might not. Long hours, constant hustling, and bending over backward to close deals for buyers and sellers isn’t for the faint of heart – and that’s apparent, as most real estate agents don’t renew their licenses past two years in the field.

Even with the understanding that sacrifices are part and parcel of a gig in real estate, there’s a better way to do this business than to have to sacrifice those precious, irreplaceable moments with friends and family: a recent national team study showed that real estate teams make a positive impact on the personal lives of those who join them. If you’re serious about making real estate your lifelong career, you need the leverage a team provides to ensure the life you’re building is one worth living.

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Work-Life Balance, Real Estate, and You

Finding true work-life balance in real estate can be complicated. Frequently, if you’re looking for work-life balance, you’re really seeking harmony, but how do you find harmony when you’re the first and last part of every piece of your business? If you aren’t leveraging the power of a team, work likely bleeds into your personal life with enough frequency that you don’t even notice it anymore. How often do you take work home, interrupt personal time to take care of something for your business, or prioritize your business over your free time?

You deserve better and it’s well within your grasp if you build a real estate team to systematize your business. An old adage states that many hands make light work. Perhaps you’re worried that spreading the work around a team of people might mean fewer profits in your pocket, but that same national team study showed that only 24% of people on teams report that their team didn’t earn them higher incomes. If you build your team effectively and lead it well, there will be more than enough work to deal with, with the added benefit of a group to help ease the loads that keep you from having the personal life you want.

How’s your real estate work-life balance? Don’t miss out on what a real estate team can offer your career and don’t just take our word for it – the numbers are clear: a high-functioning team will enhance your career and reinvigorate your personal life. If you’re not convinced yet, you need to check out our national team study and see for yourself what the statistics say. You can get access to it for FREE by signing up here.